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Echoes of Gallipoli

War is always bloody and brutal; this holds true throughout the history of humankind.


But who weeps with the widows, the mums and the dads?

Who cossets the child sorrowing for the loss of her dad?

Who mourns the end of family hopes, family history?

Chris Shaw has researched the cultures of those who fought at Gallipoli as representatives of all wars in history. He tells the stories of the devastated and grieving people left behind. These are tender and compassionate glimpses through a unique window showing a side of war that is usually lost among recollections of strategy and tactics. Here is an essence of humanity that is so rarely seen. Its scars are hidden by stoicism and the need to mend. War leaves no one untouched. 

Lest we forget. 

CounterPunch_cover_ebook (1).jpg


Sam Smith is an English boxer from Whitechapel in the 1960s. In Counterpunch, you can follow his incredible journey into world championship boxing. Fast-paced, action-packed and full of intrigue, Counterpunch hooks you from the first page.


He came from nowhere to become a world champion. He was helped by a team of dedicated boxing has-beens. An unstoppable force, he needed the help of the FBI, SAS and the police on two continents as he rose through the ranks.


He has a gift. No-one can beat him.


What does he do that is so different from all other boxers?

ISBN: 9780980588262

TheImposter_cover_ebook (1).jpeg

The Imposter

Based on a true story. Two lovers. A violent war. One ravaged mind. Will fate intervene and allow them to live and love again?


It is the year 1914 in central Norfolk, England, when young farmer Frank Matthews meets his one true love, Gwen Bell, just before volunteering as a sniper in WW1. This captivating novel follows his journey as a lover, husband, father, killer and identity thief as he seeks to survive the horrors of war and the atrocities he both witnessed and committed.


And just who is this mysterious discharged soldier Ken Bullen, appearing in Norfolk in 1917, intent on reclaiming his lost life and love? What happened to these two men fighting for their country in a bygone era of romance, violence, shell-shock and fragile new beginnings? The Imposter: A Norfolk Romance will reveal all...

ISBN: 9780980588255

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Never Let the Truth

Stories from my Imagination

"From the dawn of humanity, stories have communicated information, and humour has honed our intellect, relieved stress and bonded like-minded people.


In groups around a fire, a bar or a table, telling or listening to stories is one of our greatest interactive social benefits.


All our entertainment and most of our education is based on the notion of 'stories.’


Enjoy my random, skittish and quirky selection.”

ISBN: 9781925023879

A Trillionaires Pathway (1).jpg

A Trilllionaire's Pathway - My Fantasy Hotel

Most of us ‘do a job’ to make the money to raise a family and, hopefully, have enough left over for our old age. However, there’s a different breed of individual who doesn’t live by the accepted rules of business: not criminals, but entrepreneurs – very gifted people who use their imaginations and creativity to solve business problems in novel ways, and also to spot new market niches that have yet to be fulfilled.


In place of a university course in ‘Entrepreneurialism’, this little book is an entertaining study of the mind of the entrepreneur, using fantasy as a viable problem-solving device. It explores reality vs. fantasy, fact vs. fiction, elegance vs. the mundane. You will know you have understood it ‒ and made it ‒ when the money takes a back seat. 


This is evolution at work in the market place. Through this book, the author aims to help you increase your creative fitness level by expanding your mind.

ISBN: 9780995444256

Chris Shaw 2.jpg

My New Country

Loving, Laughing and Learning to Live in Australia

When I came to Australia in 1973 from England, via seven years travelling the Caribbean, I thought I was well-equipped to assimilate into my new society. However, I found I was ill-equipped to deal with the vast variations of weather and the enormous number of creatures out to ‘get’ me and my little family.


My first drink was also an encounter with my first murderer, my milkman won beauty competitions, and I very nearly died at sea, having sunk the ‘tinnie’ I was in, miles from civilisation. Five generations of my Royal Naval forebears hadn’t managed to do that!


As if crocodile and snake handling, savage geese and a one-in-a-million chance with some spiders wasn’t desperate enough, my attempts to foil gravity by falling off a ladder and out of an aeroplane make me either a hero or an idiot.


Make up your own mind; I’m still not sure!

ISBN: 9781925023909

It's All Relative (1).jpeg

It's All Relative

Stories to Shorten your Travel Time

They laughed when I said I could take away much of the time it took to travel from A to B.


They said I couldn’t change the Laws of Physics.


Now they are applauding me because I’ve changed their perception of time. They now arrive at their destinations far sooner than they had believed was possible.


You now have in your hands a collection of short stories that can be read anywhere in the world. They are quirky, engaging and entertaining, and involve cats, balloons, scissors, whales, wheelchairs and much more.


Whether you are a commuter or an international traveller, you can have tedium and boredom replaced by calmness and good humour, just by reading these stories. 



I guarantee they will make you laugh.”

More Nooky (1).jpeg

Hey Guys! Here's How You Get More Nooky!

How to build the happiest relationship in your world

Hey, guys, none of us has any idea what women need in a relationship, right? 


Is it important? About the same as breathing. 


Why? Well, if her needs are not met, she’s not happy. If she’s not happy there’s absolutely no chance for you, mate.


So, get this book. It tells you what she needs, why she needs it, and how to supply it. Then you’ll be in the good books, she’ll be all smiles, and you’ll be ‘Mr. Fantastic’!


Just buy it and read it! 


Can you really afford to miss this opportunity?

ISBN: 9780980588231

Warspite (1).jpeg

HMS Warspite

My Memories of World War II - Wally Shaw

Here is one man’s account of his experiences aboard HMS Warspite in World War II.


Wally Shaw was a fairly typical ‘wartime rating’, traveling from his home in Felixstowe, Suffolk for the first time; away from his new marriage, new home, young son, and career.


Together with thousands of other young men and women, he did whatever it took to help win the War. This was just twenty years after the last slaughter, still raw in the national and family memories - of both sides.


Some came home; some didn’t.


We salute them all.

ISBN: 9780987398611

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