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Benefits to owning your own copy of ‘Echoes of Gallipoli: For those left behind’.

Your copy will have the following hidden gifts:

  • Unique, iconic presentation.

  • 25 stories of soldiers at Gallipoli, from the 10 nationalities that fought with the Allied forces, embedded in the authentic cultural, military, and historic context. Those countries were: Australia, New Zealand, England Ireland, Scotland and Wales, France, Canada, India, and some Jews from Alexandria.

  • These stories meld the grief and sorrow arising from their child’s fate, be it death, physical maiming or broken minds, felt so acutely by their parents.


(‘It’s a story of grief and humanity told in a beautifully empathetic and poetic way’ – Senator Jim Molan)

Catherine Overington Weekend Australian Sept 23.jpeg

(From Caroline Overington, The Weekend Australian)

  • Far from being a century old, these stories, in fact, have current relevance with the Israeli/Hamas and Russia/Ukraine wars, with grieving parents on all sides.

  • Explores the actual conditions behind the lines: contributary factors in the loss of that campaign: flies, dysentery, flies, dysentery, shallow graves, poor and repetitive diet, poor leadership, flies and dysentery!

  • A limited edition of 1000 only, numbered, signed and dated for the individual. Outer leather WW1-style cover with securing thong, and gold-embossed.

  • Hard-cover book also with gold-embossed title, and a page for recipient’s name, date, book-number, and the author’s signature.

  • A proportion of funds from the sale will go to LEGACY to assist families who need a bit of a helping hand.

  • RRP $200 plus postage. CLICK HERE

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